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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 15, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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et to a better night's sleep ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> flames on the bridge. the new eastern span of the bay bridge catches fire again. >> cal trans thinks it has the cause figured out but they say these fires are cause for concern. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. it happened just east of yes, sir bough buena eye ped la. as you can see they sprayed fire retar department to put -- retardant to put it out. >> katie is live on treasure island with the story. katie? >> all lanes of the bay bridge are open tonight and they will remain that way until cal trans determines how and when it is going to repair the fire damage. cal trans says it is perfectly safe to dry on right now but the fires sure did rattle some nerves. >> i think it is terrifying.
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fortunately my car is up to date, but anybody driving a car is looking for trouble. >> sky 7hd shows the aftermath of a second fire on the eastern span of the bay bridge. cal trans has narrowed down a possible cause. >> at this point in time it appears to be flares that were left on the side of the lane. >> flares left behind by maintenance crews, but why and when has yet to be determined. >> there is video that is being reviewed to make those determinations. >> the first fire on monday night burned six feet of the expansion joint just east of the tunnel. today's fire burned another three feet of the same rubber like material. >> it is not performing the task. how can we improve that? >> he is a forensic engineer. he says these fires do not undermine the bridge's integrity, but they are still a concern. >> not an immediate structural problem.
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if the fire is extensive it can damage locally of course the expansion joint. >> not all drivers are hitting the breaks. >> i trust the bridge. i know there is a lot of talk about it. i think the engineers will work it out. >> both fires were put out within minutes but the lane closures brought the traffic to a halt. abc7 news. >> happening now police are on the scene of a pedestrian accident. a woman in her 60s was hit by a car just before 9:00 tonight. police tell us she was crossing the intersection against a red light. she did thought have the right of way when she was hit. the truck driver who hit her is cooperating with authorities. the southbound lanes will remain closed for several hours while police investigate. uber says they will fight a $7 million fine and a threat to suspend the operation. a law judge said uber failed to hand over accident data.
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the company's license will be suspended in 30 days unless it appeals. the company tells abc7 news that quote uber provided substantial amounts of data. going further risks compromising the privacy of driver and rider partners. one of the biggest disputes may be over tonight. the city reached a pension reform deal with police and fire unions. it follows more than three years of fighting and would end litigation over measure b which requires city workers to contribute more toward retirement. >> for all of us this is a moment to exhale and it is a moment to celebrate our clct tiff commitment to move beyond the contentiousness of the past and forge a new path for san jose's rebirth. >> the city needs to reach agreement with nine other city unions on the retirement benefits reform and wages with the police union. >> this is a historic day for
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san jose and we are used to the clab raw tiff process to resolve any differences in the future. >> the police and fire union members are expected to ratify this agreement. it will then go to the city council for the final approval. uc berkeley police say they have come up with a way to reduce bike thefts on campus. it is a big problem. the thefts have dropped 45% since they started using bait bikes. they are equiped with tracking systems that will allow police to locate the bikes. the department is looking at ways to expand the program to other comnly stole aren items like -- commonly stolen items like laptops. 9-1-1, phone, tv and internet is back up through a large portion of northern california after vandals shut it down. a spokesman for at&t says someone disrupted the fiber optic lines. the last time thieves cut the lines and the customers in stockton modesto, tracy and yosemite why -- were
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affected. they had to be rerouted to other agencies us causing delays. former president bush broke a bone in his neck. it happened in maine. his spokes american says the 91-year-old is in stable condition and doing fine all that he will have to wear a neck brace. >> the drought is bringing businesses. they will have a lot less grass. they approved new rules limiting the turf grass around new homes to 25% of the landscaped area. it is just the latest way to meet governor brown's executive order to reduce the urban water use by 25%. >> what a star-studded night for sports. the espy awards wrapped up a short time ago, but not before making history. >> we have team coverage. katie has reaction from the lgbt community on caitlin -- caitlyn jenner's emotional speech. >> we start with colin rush who is live in los angeles
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where the espies were held. colin, you had the best seat in the house. >> well i had a decent one. it will best be remembered for caitlyn jenner and her acceptance of the arthur ashe courage award. madison bumgarner had a winnless night. he was 0-2 tonight. i don't know how he didn't win best performance. fellow former bear alex morgan and the united states national team beat out the warriors for west team. overall a great night for the nba champ. steve kerr best coach and curry best player and best male athlete. so they don't win best team. even they didn't think they would. >> when i talked to you before the shouldy you said u.s. women's national soccer team will probably win and that's what happened. >> i knew that. you have some fans behind us
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and you are fighting against teams that don't like you and our whole country is behind them as well as myself and all of our team. that was a given. >> maybe it wasn't the perfect night, but it was pretty close. >> it is pretty good. >> i thought it was fantastic he got best athlete. >> i know. actually he has a bad back and i don't know if he can do that. i am happy for the team. we are ready to do it again. >> how cool would that be to see the warriors back here next year? reporting live outside the microsoft theater in l.a. colin rushabc7 news. caitlyn jenner accepted the arthur ash award as a glamorous woman. jenner's athletic career started more humble training
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at san jose city college. now the story of that simple start. katie? >> ama, the tough training at san jose city college undoubtedly prepared jenner for the courageous challenge of coming out as transgender. decades before caitlyn jenner stood as her true self -- >> he catapulted bruce jenner toward greatness. jay he had the san jose stars jersey on. >> he trained in the 70s. and then cheered for his best friend in the olympics. jay to see him win it and then your best friends winning it is super exciting. >> i owe a lot to sports. >> winning the olympic decathlon and coming out as transgender put her on a world stage. >> if you want to make jokes
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and doubt my intentions the reality is i can take it. >> gabrielle with the lgbt center says jenner's courage encouraged others to do the same. >> thisy call us or drop by and that is great. >> the arthur ashe award is for people who transend sports. >> it is very genuine and they have a great sense of humor. >> picking out the outfit. girls, i get it. >> people who knew bruce say they would be happy to take on caitlyn. >> it would be fun. she can play some golf. >> abc7 news. a divorce couple's battle over embry quo -- em brewy yows is coming -- embryos is coming to a close. who gets to decide? >> and quick hands for a small kid. how this bay area fan saved
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♪ the 2015 cadillac ats. lease this from around $269 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing covering san rafael, south bay and pleasanton and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. new details tonight. a divorced couple's battle over frozen embryos has reached the final stages. a judge in san francisco will decide the case. the 46-year-old doctor on the right and her husband froze the embryos five years ago. and now leigh wants them implanted into a surrogate. her husband wants them destroyed. dr. leigh's attorney believes she has the advantage.
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>> we believe because mr. finley retains the ability to have children with someone else and dr. leigh does not have the ability to have her own children it will tip the scale in her favor. >> the couple signed a concept form directing they be destroyed if they divorce. leigh is expected to testify tomorrow and then it is up to the judge to decide. >> a little boy is having national uh techs -- attention after a feet that saved his dad. the boy reached out and caught a foul ball headed for his dad's head. alan wang sat down with them tonight. >> this is the foul ball that almost nailed 10-year-old john's father in the head at last sunday's giants game and this is the baseball glove john use i had to catch it. used to catch it. >> i was literally in a catcher's crouch on my seat waiting for the ball. >> it was the bottom of the second inning when brandon crawford fouled the pitch over the first baseline. the anxious 10-year-old
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snagged it just in time. >> he had less than two seconds to track the ball and catch the ball and save me from a head injury. >> john's father says he was distracted while ordering a crab sandwich. >> my dad looked back and i showed him the ball in the mitt. >> we had a good life. he said i saved your life. i didn't have a full understanding of what that meant until we got home and we watched the video. >> john's dad estimates the ball was traveling between 70 and 80 miles an hour. it took an odd bounce off the plate, but the west marin little league short stop made it look easy. john junior says he is confident he could do it again for anybody . >> thanks. >> no problem. >> alan wang, abc7 news. >> wow. >> kid is cute. he has good hands. let a check on our weather. >> sandhya patel is here. >> hi, dan and ama. let's look at live doppler 7hd
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right now and we do have some fog around. it is right near the coast and pushing in over the bay. this is what your morning is going to look like. 24 is a time raps from a few hours ago. the exploratorium camera is showing a foggy district. the visibility will be fluctuating toward the commute hours. upper 50s around santa rosa and novato. most other areas in the 60s. it is quite mild inland. it is around the upper 60s right now. you can see the overcast skies as we look back across the bay. inland heat peaks tomorrow and a slight chance of showers between sunday afternoon and monday morning. satellite-radar showing you what is coming in. the high pressure is building a little closer to us so the warming trend continues. low 60s to low 90s and we bump you up to the mid90s. here is what is really what we are watching. you can see the eye on the
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hurricane. it is bringing big swells along the southwest coast of mexico. cabo san lucas is packing winds of 115 miles an hour. it will track away from the coastline. the system will eventually weaken as it moves over the pacific. the reason we are still keeping an eye on this is one computer model is hinting at the possibility of rain. for southern california it is a pretty good chance of showers and thunderstorms on saturday and sunday. but for us some of that moisture dwets close enough on sunday afternoon to monday morning that we will put it in the forecast. it is a slight chance. the other computer model wants to take all of this moisture and move it out over the pacific ocean. we will watch it carefully. hopefully it will not impact your sunday afternoon and evening plans. tomorrow morning mid50s to the low 60s. we need the rain of course, but at this point i am just warning you in advance for your weekend.
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allow a little extra time for the afternoon. 91 degrees in gilroy in the south bay. 87 for you in san jose. 89 los gatos. a warm day there. 86 in santa clear raw and 83 if sunnyvale. 79 in san mateo. the temperatures along the coast in the midto upper 60s. pacifica 68. daly city, a little fog and 66. downtown san francisco is 74. and in the north bay we will get you up into the 80s around napa and santa rosa and 82 san rafael. east bay 78 oakland and 84 for fremont. inland areas you will need the sunscreen and extra water. 95 in livermore. 9 throughy in concord. the accu-weather seven-day forecast we will keep it hot on friday. mild at the coast. the temperatures will fall on friday and a slight chance of showers entering the picture sunday into monday. we will still have the summer spread. ama and dan the humidity will be going up. it will definitely feel muggy the second half of the weekend. >> thanks, sandhya. this year's aidswalk san francisco will beheld in four
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days. it is this sunday in golden gate park. many of us will be there to register. call tour 15-615 walk.
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lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. a meeting of two iconic symbols in the bay area. one is the light of hope and the other is a designated landmark of the place we call home. abc7 news was at the golden gate bridge as a team of law enforcement officers carried the special olympics torch across the bridge. the games are being held in los angeth opening day ceremonies on july 25th. this lobster in new york
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definitely caught a break thanks to his eyes. thanks to his size. it weighs 23 pounds. based on the weight, experts say this guy is probably around 95 years old and heading to an aquarium. >> a little golf for you. it kicks off tomorrow. plenty of history can be made. the tour de france has had to deal with rain and cobblestone roads and now cattle crossings. we have it all next innn ♪music ♪
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the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome
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>> this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. >> the british open is set to begin in st. anne drew's, the home of golf. rory mcilroy will join ben hogan ase of the only players not to defend their title. meanwhile, 2015 masters and u.s. open champ is thinking grand slam. no golfers ever won all four majors in the same calendar year. but spieth could be one of two players to win the first of the year. hogan did it in 1953. sure -- >> sure i'm aware.
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it is special what this year has brought to our team. to do something what only one person in the history of golf has done doesn't happen often. by the time i start on thursday it won't be in my head. it will be how can i bring this open championship to another event and get out there and try to get myself in contention. the 65-year-old almost got number six. he had nothing but fond memories. he announced he will play his final masters event next season also. no one has hung around and been as competitive. he said today this is it. >> i still want to compete. i still want to hit that shot that really means something under the pressure. i just don't think -- i may have a few left in me, but probably not enough to really
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make it right. that will say farewell to the open championship. >> summer league hoops. the kings and the warriors with single elimination. they were lead by james michael macadoo. he will be a player. three of his 11 and then the corner three and advancing to face the knicks. why did the cal cross the road? trying to get to the other side. literally had cal crossing the road and becoming another obstacle. he dominated winning ahead of dan martin. he retains the yellow jersey and is almost insur mountable on the tour. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity.
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